I am currently on an AWS journey of sorts. This month I just got my AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate certification and I learned a ton along the way. Last year was really my dive into all the services as well as a solid linux refresher. The last two years were a kind of immersion into certifications both project management, agile and cloud, and it really gave me some great perspectives on ways to get work done.

This site was done with WordPress and AWS Lightsail to keep things on the cheap, though there are certainly a ton of fun ways to go with AWS on that front. In another life I was a front-end developer (back when we had to have browser sniffers for Netscape and IE (!) and it’s really amazing to see the developments that have happened since then, not the least of which is cloud architecture and services.

I’m looking to try to implement one AWS project a week to keep getting exposed to different technologies and keep fresh on all this great stuff that’s out there now. Let’s see how it goes!