Songs & Videos

These are just a few songs I wrote and/or videos I have done, with the help of some very talented people!

I am the Wind was one of the most fun projects I have ever worked on, and for the video I was lucky enough to work with artist Yuliya Osyka, who blew me away from her storyboards to her backgrounds to her illustrations, to her animation skills. She really brought the ideas in my song to life and I had so much fun recording this. Special thanks to Riley McMahon of New Warsaw Studio on the recording, which was an amazing experience. I spent a lot of time working out the parts for this tune, and the first and last recording where I played bass on the track.

Check out Yuliya’s work, she is truly gifted.

Once in a While is a tune I wrote some time ago, but I ended up making a video about it when I came across a fantastic illustrator/animation artist named Gosha Loshadkin. Now in this case, Gosha had the idea for the video and took what I considered to be a very fresh concept and brought it to life. I was super grateful to work with him. I was also lucky to find the master of the recording as it had been some time since I wrote and recorded the song. What’s also funny is the total coincidence of the main character in this video be a cloud, and in the I am the Wind video the main character was a person who could transform into a cloud. An amazing experience and I would work with Gosha again in a heartbeart – check out Gosha’s work here.

The Test of Time was the one of the few songs I wrote in 6/8 time, and the video was a super fun experience to make, as I constructed the back drop with wood boards and painted them black and white, and then got the little art models and some modeling supplies from the art store. I rented a digital slr camera from Adorama camera store.

My wife was pregnant at the time with our twins, and I set up on the terrace and took a million pictures of the figures in different positions so that the stills would tell the story of the song. I was really happy with how it came out, and it was just super fun being creative and seeing the vision through to completion.

This was also an amazing recording experience with to Riley McMahon of New Warsaw Studio. I wrote a lot of lyrical guitar parts and Riley pushed me to keep taking it further with my ideas. He’s simply great as both a producer, engineer and musician as well as an exceptional guy. Also big shout out to percussionist Santa Mollica with whom I’ve played many recordings and shows.

This was a cover of a version I fell in love with by the Grateful Dead, off an acoustic album called “Reckoning” – a collection of reconstructed live performances from the Grateful Dead. There is something about the mix of grief, authenticity and musicality in that version that really spoke to me. I actually recorded the lead guitar parts months after the rhythm track, and then for the video purchased a bunch of stock photography images that I felt spoke to the lyrics, and yet also told their own story.