For the Love of Goya.

Here we are in 2021, and it’s no secret that it has been a long road for many of us. It’s times like these I know I crave the things that put me in a peaceful place again – where I can regroup.

This guitar is a vintage Goya, and it is roughly sixty years old. It belonged to my dad who passed away in 2019, so there is a lot of sentimental value to the instrument for me.

Every Monday I go to my mom’s place to work remotely, as space can get tight working in our apartment in the age of covid-19. Every time I am her place I pick up this beauty and play it, and I am instantly transported by the sound. It’s more than the softness of the nylon strings, there is something about the way the sound resonates through the vintage wood that is just beautiful.

I have learned that when you are juggling work, improving career/technology skills, and family it is crucial to have something of your own that rejuvenates you – that reconnects you with a “reason” to get up in the morning.

I have a ton of fun with my family, and I love technology, but there is something about getting in a quiet space with this old friend that just washes away the stresses of the day.

The next time you are stressed out, or have lost your inner compass, or just need a break, I hope you have something that can do for you what this guitar has done for me. If not, I would recommend you take some time to think about what moves you, beyond the bills and daily responsibilities of life.

There is a fun post with information about vintage Goya guitars here. This guitar appears to be a Goya G10 guitar model. One day I would love to record some music with it when the time is right, provided this wooden lady is still in good enough shape to play.

Thanks Dad for holding on to this guitar, it’s great to play it sitting in your old office space where we used to talk. I miss you every day.

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